Heck Yes I Want a Receipt!

Every time any of us uses an ATM, fuel pump or similar device and transaction, we are asked if we want a receipt. I urge you to answer YES, every time.

Here’s why, from my own experience. Twice, in the last six months, our office has made a bank deposit at our local branch where, “upon further review”, our account was not credited with the deposit. Twice! While the vast majority of our deposits were processed correctly, one error is excessive, much less two, in a short time period. We discovered this error by checking our account on line and matching the deposit receipt. As a result, apparently because of human error (on the part of the same bank employee both times) we corrected the errors by taking the receipt to the bank.

For the same reason, we should all take a receipt for such transactions, electronic or otherwise. It bears checking to see that your ATM deposit was the amount that you selected and matches the cash dispensed. Likewise with a fuel, food, or any other purchase. I advise you to, when safely able to, check the ATM withdrawal by counting your cash against the receipt.

We become trusting and complacent when it comes to our business dealings, perhaps because there is some computer or electronic system involved. But errors occur; some device caused and some human caused and one must be diligent to protect one’s assets.

So when the device or a person asks if you want a receipt, say YES, loud enough for our office to hear you!

Allan Opsitnick


Author: opsitnickslaw

Allan J. Opsitnick J.D. and B.A. Degrees, University of Pittsburgh

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