Legal Snapshots #1

Just a few legal issues that affect many of us:

1. NEW MEDICARE CARDS: For those of us who are Medicare eligible, new cards are being distributed. Unlike the prior cards, which contained the users Social Security Number, the new cards contain a unique 11 digit identification number. The new identification number will be a mix of numbers and letters. This is something long past due. BUT, like everything else, scams exist by unscrupulous people attempting to call, mail or email Medicare participants to obtain that new, unique identification number. DO NOT COOPERATE! DO NOT PROVIDE ANY INFORMATION! Destroy your old card and provide the new identification number to your health care providers, and no one else.

2. ABOUT YOUR DOORBELL AND TELEPHONE: As someone with a nonagenarian parent, and other family members, a personal concern is when the doorbell or telephone rings. As mentioned above, older folks are attempted victims of thieves, seeking personal information, funds and access to the home. So, remember this: YOU HAVE NO OBLIGATION TO ANSWER YOUR DOOR OR ANSWER YOUR PHONE. If you do not know who is outside your door, don’t answer the door. If you do not recognize the phone number of a caller, don’t answer the phone. If the door bell ringer is legitimate, some information will be left, or you will not beforehand that, say, a repair person is coming. Likewise, if a caller is legitimate, a message will be left. This cautious procedure will minimize the chance of being taken advantage of.

3. FULL RELEASE LANGUAGE ON CHECK ENDORSEMENT: I recently received a check from Delta Airlines as compensation for serious damage to my luggage. The back of the check, which I endorsed and deposited, contained this language:

The undersigned by endorsement below acknowledges receipt of this check as full settlement of and hereby releases Delta Airlines Inc. from any and all claims the undersigned may have against Delta Airlines Inc. to this date.

So, what does this mean? I endorsed the check as I had no pending claims against Delta other than my destroyed suitcase. But what if I had an ongoing dispute about a ticket issue? Or frequent flyer points? This release language is, in Pennsylvania enforceable, as an “accord and satisfaction.” The release language is clear, limited to past and current claims and offers payment in exchange for the amount offered. Thi is, in essence, a contract. The Uniform Commercial Code, which is law in Pennsylvania and most states, applies here. When faced with a similar type or release on a check, think the situation through to be sure that any pending claims that you have against the maker of the check are satisfied. Again, this provision does not affect any future claims.

4. OUR FREEDOMS: Our office will periodically blog a look at the Bill of Rights, during the rest of 2018. The times we live in create many powerful issues that affect our rights, with just a few examples:

– What are our rights as to firearms and what can be restricted?
– What are our limitations as to public speech and demonstration?
– What rights or limitations affect us as to the internet and social media?
– What can government properly do and not do?

Please stay with us for an interesting and exciting 2018.

– Allan Opsitnick


Disclaimer: The information in this blog post is provided for general informational purposes only. No information contained in this post should be construed as legal advice from Allan Opsitnick, Opsitnick & Associates or the author of a blog post. This blog post is not intended to be a substitute for legal counsel on any subject matter. No reader of this post should act or refrain from acting on the basis of any information included in, or accessible through, this blog without seeking the appropriate legal or other professional advice on the particular facts and circumstances at issue.


Author: opsitnickslaw

Allan J. Opsitnick J.D. and B.A. Degrees, University of Pittsburgh

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