Forty Years An Attorney

I’ve been practicing law for 40 years. Difficult to believe. When I began my practice, I was childless. Now I have two adult kids and a grandchild. When I began my practice, both of my parents were alive, now, I’m blessed to have my father still with me. Both of my parents saw me argue before the US Supreme Court, though.

When I began my practice, there was no internet, cell phones, e-mails or the rest of the technological torrent that has immersed us. I could not file and search for documents and other information online. Legal research could only be conducted in a law library using books.

So much has changed. So much remains the same. While innovations have changed the trappings of legal practice, my mission for 40 years remains the same; to solve problems for clients. To fight for clients. To place clients in the best possible position, making the future better.

This milestone in my practice has energized me, realizing that I am beyond the midpoint of my profession career. I pledge my full efforts and respect to my clients and am grateful for you continued trust.

Allan Opsitnick