Putin vs. Ukraine (and the rest of us)

Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked and vicious attack on Ukraine continues. Media accounts refer to Putin as the President of Russia or an authoritarian leader. Nonsense. Putin is a dictator. Pure. Simple.

Yes, recent history is replete with dictators making war against innocent people in innocent lands. Likely my eastern European ancestry comes into play at this time.

Putin’s actions are causing death and destruction to the noble Ukrainian people as well as death and hardship to Russians. Putin cares not.

Much of the rest of the world, the US, Europe and beyond, are doing what can be done to punish Putin without going too far. A delicate and nuanced dance. Reports are that Putin is hiring mercenaries to assist his own forces in killing and destruction, is considering use of tactical nuclear weapons and is sacking some of his military leaders.

Is the situation improving or not? Who knows, but it continues.

Let’s all do what we can to aid the Ukrainian people, financially or otherwise. My son and I bought a pile of Jaromír Jágr’s virtual hockey tickets, proceeds going to Ukraine aid groups. We don’t necessarily have to make a financial contribution. It seems as though if we endure higher gas prices and food prices, caused partially because of the Putin war, without complaining, whining, which sends a signal to Putin and the Ukrainians, that we are about much more than our own existence and comfort.

The phrases war crimes and crimes against humanity are mentioned. It’s time to define what a war crime is and how these crimes are prosecuted.

  • Allan Opsitnick